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The factory, based in Velikiy Novgorod started the production of continuous basalt fiber in august 2019. The production capacity is 3000 tones.

The founder of the factory SPC "LAVAintel" united the efforts of Russian expects to create the unique production of continuous basalt fiber with no equivalents of that process in the world.

Row materials for our production are the rocks of the basalt group. Deposits of the basalt are huge and located widely. But only the raw materials which are produced by using innovative technologies, carefully selected with further preparation will be the high-quality base for continuous basalt fiber with excellent physical and mechanical characteristics.

We transform the bowlers of the earth into reinforcing and insulating materials for our clients.

All melting and production processes are controlled by automated modern equipment. Our quality control is performed by production laboratory with high precision instruments.

We value our name and reputation so quality and technological effectiveness of our fiber as well as satisfaction of the needs of our clients are our primary concerns.

Our technologies allow us to provide a high-quality technical support for our clients in every part of the world.

The company's products:
  • Direct basalt roving
  • Assembled basalt roving
  • Chopped basalt fiber
  • Composite macrofiber

Our main clients are companies of civil and road constructions, automobile construction, manufacturers of technical textile, manufacturers of fire – retardant and insulating materials.

We are working constantly to increase the quality of our production and the level of our services and conduct new scientific researches to improve the technology and create new products based on continuous basalt fiber.

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