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Research and production company LAVAintel

The factory, based in Russia started the production of continuous basalt fiber in august 2019.
We carry out our activities in the field of complex provision of industrial, textile, construction enterprises with a wide range of materials made of continuous basalt fibers.
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Базальтовый ровинг
Our mission
  • To provide vast accessibility to continuous basalt fiber all over the world
Our target
  • To give all our partners the possibility to buy high quality basalt fiber by low price
Our tasks
  • To maintain the best quality with the highest technology assistance
  • To provide our clients with good value for money
  • To growth actively to reach 7000 tons of production per year
Базальтовый ровинг
Benefits of basalt fiber
Environmental friendliness
Continuous basalt fiber is made from environmentally friendly basalt of igneous origin and is absolutely non toxic
Continuous basalt fiber exceeds E glass in physical and mechanical characteristics such as tensile strenght, modulus of elasticity, impact resistance
Chemical resistance
Continuous basalt fiber exceeds E glass in corrosive resistance, alkali resistance and acid resistance and the service life is significantly higher
Heat resistance
Continuous basalt fiber exceeds glass fiber in all heat resistans properties by more than 20% in average
Low weight,
easy installation
Products made of basalt fiber are 5–9 times lighter than metal products, they are easier to install on the spot, as this reduces the cost of labor and transportation costs
Low thermal conductivity
"Cold joints" are not typical for products from continuous basalt fiber,
also they have a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete
Radio transparency
All products from continuous basalt fiber have full radio transparency, do not magnetize and do not accumulate radiation
Lack of electrical conductivity
Products made of continuous basalt fiber do not conduct electric current
INNOVATIVE manufacturing
Efficient technologies for the production of continuous basalt fibers used by LAVAintel using 800-, 1200-, 1600- and 2400-die slot-type platinum-rhodium feeders, which have no analogues in the world, make it possible to produce continuous basalt fiber that is not inferior in technical and economic parameters continuous glass fiber.

This means that the material consumption of our slot-type spinneret feeders is several times lower than that of other continuous basalt fiber manufacturers using inkjet spinneret feeders. This makes our production more competitive in the market.

Our market advantages
We offer the best prices in the market and big discounts to our wholesale customers.
Unique sizing
Our experts have developed unique sizing specifically for the needs of our partners.
Unique range of direct roving, up to 2000 tex
Due to the large size of the die feeders we produce a unique range of direct roving with a growth potential of up to 2400 Tex
up to 7 thousand tons of basalt fiber per year
Our production volume is growing rapidly. The peak capacity of our enterprise is 7 thousand tons of continuous basalt fiber per year.
Video about our production
"LAVAintel presents

Manufacturer of continuous basalt fiber


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